Apr 4, 2009

Cat / Kitten of The Day Photo - Gort

A seven month old feral kitten, I named this kitty Gort because when it was little it had an odd stiff-legged walk which reminded me of the giant robot in the ORIGINAL "The Day The Earth Stood Still."
Feral Kitten Photo, Gort The Cat

I also thought Gort was a boy when he/she was little...but it turns out no. Anyway, she's had her trip to the vet and would make a great pet if someone was willing to adopt her.

I'm very picky about these animals having a good home. Sure, it sucks being a feral cat but it sucks just as bad to be in an abusive household or with someone who will treat a kitty like an object - to be dumped at the Humane Society (and almost certainly killed) whenever it becomes inconvenient. I hate that.

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