Apr 8, 2009

Feral Kitten Of The Day - Ms Thang

Here is a cute picture of a kitten who was the last survivor of her litter and she almost didn't make it even with 24 hour care.

rescued feral  kitten ms thang

What probably killed her siblings was the same thing that nearly killed her: fleas.

Fleas can and do kill kittens, especially feral kittens because of the environment they live in. Ms Thang got expert veterinary care and many days of syringe feeding and hot water bottles before she was strong enough to even hold up her head. That's how close she was to not being here.

In fact, the vet tried to insist on euthanizing her. I didn't cooperate with that.

Ms Thing, after recovery, still in rehab

September 5, 2009 UPDATE: I found Ms Thing dead this morning. She hadn't been acting sick. She had eaten rather eagerly yesterday, as usual. Her life had a very hard beginning and was all too short. I hope she found some enjoyment with us in between. Poor kitty.

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