May 10, 2009

Spring Kittens ! Photos

Spring is here and we have some interesting tabby kittens to share. Photos of these kitties show strong tabby markings.
kittens, the spring feral tabby kitten collection

This is bound to happen, of course, despite my best efforts. Naturally, I think that kittens are adorable - they are just the cutest things around. But I DO try to trap and spay/neuter as many ferals as I can.

Reason: Feral cats have horrible, miserable, and usually very short lives. So I use live traps to catch them for trips to the vet. It gets harder over time because I end up trapping already-spayed cats over and over just to catch the un-spayed ones. And of course, new cats appear in the feral colonies on a regular basis; usually dumped by some careless human. I just can't get all of them.

As cute and adorable as they are, their stories are heartbreaking.

More kittens....

photo kittens, feral tabby kittens

Two of these kittens may be the same as those seen in the first photo. I'm not sure. I believe there are at least 5 tabby feral kittens that I've located so far. There are probably more - hidden somewhere.

I want to try to capture and tame them, but I've lost some enthusiasm for that due to the fact that I was unable to find homes for the last batch I tamed. It's sad but the fact is that there are just NOT enough loving homes out there for these poor cute little baby cats.

So I'll keep you posted as best I can....
signed, Chriss Pagani

PS: I added another picture of the Grandmother Feral Cat to the post about her life; A Tribute to Grandma Feral Cat. I know she is very old and I'm determined that she will not be forgotten.


  1. I would be in big trouble if I were to get too close to these cats. Either I'd have a house full of cats or my heart would bleed out :(

  2. I know, Xeta, my heart bleeds every day. *sigh*

  3. Poor little guys ever keep any?

  4. Well, these photos are from 2009. It's a hard life for feral kittens. Lots of diseases and such. It's sad, really.


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