Jul 1, 2009

Feral Kittens of The Day - 2-Day Old Kittens

Two 2-day old feral kittens asleep
Kittens, asleep in each others' paws. In this photo - two 2-day old kittens sleeping quietly while mom is off hunting or whatever. They are so cute!

So far, momma cat seems to be taking care of these babies; they appear clean and well-fed. Who knows what the future holds for them? Being a feral kitten is a tough life. These kittens are in a colony of feral cats near a dairy farm. I trap and spay/neuter the adults and feed them all.

The queen mother of these two is pictured here - she's young and this is her first litter. I'm just sorry I missed getting her in a previous trapping session. Although the kittens are cute enough be break your heart, the real heartbreak is the horrible lives they face as ferals. So it's a real hard choice for cat lovers.

I'll just keep trying to do my best for these kitties.

newborn kittens sleeping

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