Jul 21, 2009

Sick Kitten Update

The original posting on the sick feral kitten was just over a month ago: I found a sick little feral kitten lying around, too ill to run away. I took it back to my car, warmed it up, gave it flea treatment and some kitten milk. Then I had to return it to the feral colony. The story of the kitten with photos is here.


I tried to keep an eye out for this kitten. It showed up at most feedings but was still moving slow and looking sickly.

A couple of weeks after this, my sister informed me that she saw a kitten in the same area that wasn't moving at all. I knew it must be the same sick kitty....

Poor thing. I found it and retrieved it once again. I warmed it up and gave it another flea treatment and some milk.

This time, against my better judgment (and against self-interest). I took it home.

The kitten got a bath and more milk, and a vet appointment. At her appointment we discovered that she had roundworms (very common with feral kittens) and an infection. She got treatments for both.

Here she is today...

photo rescued feral kitten picture

Not a very good picture, but I can tell you that she's feeling much better now. Go back to the original post to see how bad she once looked. She's alive!

For the first time - just yesterday - she ran! Running, more like scampering really, is a big accomplishment considering how ill she was. In between my final rescue and now, she mostly just slept; too sick to do anything else.

And for the first time today, she tried to play a wrestling-bitey game with my hand. She purred and she played.

Formerly terrified of humans, she's now in love with people. She's sweet and full of personality. Now I have to give her a name and just hope I can find a good home for her.


  1. I am so happy the kitten is doing so well! I'm sure you will come up with the perfect name for her.

    I work at our local animal shelter and see way too many of these cases. On the up side, most do end happy - but they still break my heart.

    This little kitten is lucky to have found such a caring person to help her. I'm sure you will find it a wonderful home!

    Cheers to all the good work you do - and I'm sure the work that is yet to be done.

  2. Ah, beautiful work you're doing to help the kitties.


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