Sep 26, 2009

Feral Kittens Pic of the Day - Two Little Feral Kittens Part 2

Two Feral Kittens

In our last episode we saw two little feral kittens just learning about the world, looking around in wonderment at it all.

Now, just days later, we see these two feral kittens clinging to each other for warmth, and perhaps out of some fear. It seems that mom has abandoned them now. Such is the harsh life of the feral kitten. They must find food on their own. They must try to stay away from predators. The hard road has begun...


  1. Your site makes me so happy, yet so sad all at the same time. I think it's wonderful that you're out there every day feeding these cats and helping to make their lives a little easier. If only homes could be found for them all.

    I have 3 cats myself. 1 of which is a kitten who was born in a farm and had a bad case of earmites when I adopted him. Fortunately I had all of that taken care of.

  2. Feeling the same way, Krystal. I'm so glad that I have an opportunity to do something positive for as long as I have it. But sad that I can't do more.

    I've captured and tamed many feral kittens, and managed to get some adopted out. I'm at my own legal limit for pets, though, so I can only try to capture and tame kittens when I know I can give them to good homes. The lack of such homes often makes me very sad.


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