Oct 23, 2009

Cat Photos Of The Day - Meet and Greet, Plus KayKay

little kittens meet and greet adult cats in the feral colony
The two littermates who were abandoned a bit young have become more socialized in the feral community. Even if mom isn't around anymore, there are others who look after them.

They are still young enough that they could be tamed if I could find homes for them, although taming is much more difficult at this point. I have picked up and handled the white kitten a couple of times.

Since you've read this far, I want to remind you that these aren't all sad stories. Yes, being a feral cat is a very hard life. But I do feed this colony, and I've built winter shelters for them. As feral cats go, they have much better lives than you might expect.

And sometimes they even get homes! It has been more difficult lately but going back further in the blog and even before the blog we managed to adopt out several rescued ferals.


Kaykay, shown above, was once an abandoned or stray kitten. She was rescued by my children back when they still lived at home. Now they are grown up and have jobs and Kaykay... she is a very old cat, adopted by my sister Judy and well-cared for. She is a success story.

There are others here, too. And a big 'thank you' to everyone who helped make that possible.

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