Oct 24, 2009

Feral Cat Photo Of The Day - Buff Beige Cat Au Naturale

Buff Beige Cat au Naturale

Appearing in previous posts, Beige Cat gets caught by the camera again! This capture better illustrates her natural environment in the feral cat colony.

Like the rest of the cats in this feral colony, she's doing pretty well overall. Mostly that's because I feed them twice a day and I've built small winter shelters for them. The stacked tires are actually one of the winter shelters made from local debris.

As you know, I also have live traps and my own trap-neuter-release program, which I do ...as much as I can afford. So for feral cats, they have it pretty good. It's all relative, I guess.

I DO lose some sleep from time to time, however, worrying about what will happen to them if/when I can no longer afford to provide care for these discarded animals. I can't think about it too much, though, or I'll get depressed. For now, anyway, they are doing okay.

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  1. I think what you are doing is EXCELLENT, and i APPLAUD you!!!! keep up the good work, you are a wonderful, caring, beautiful person!


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