Oct 27, 2009

Feral Cat Photo Of The Day - Tabby-Co

Feral Tabby-co Posing For Picture

This feral cat represents an interesting example of the kinds of variations you get in a feral colony. Here we see a very short tail that kind of folds underneath itself which is, I assume, a genetic defect. This marker has become more prevalent within this feral colony over the last 5 years. Plus, she has markings that combine tabby stripes with calico colors.

I COULD say that basically you get a lot of variation in ferals and then the best equipped for survival is what reproduces, but that wouldn't be completely accurate because there is human intervention involved here (me) - I feed these cats and trap-spay-release them. So I guess I have my thumb on the proverbial "fittest" scale.

By the way, you may start seeing fewer photos as we go into the bad weather season: My camera equipment is expensive and I can only subject it to just so much ....but I'll try my best!

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