Oct 28, 2009

Twisty Tails - Photos of Feral Cat Genetics

Twisty-Tail MoJo

This is another example of the odd tail gene within this feral cat colony. I will try to get a better picture in the near future; at this time of year the light starts to be rather poor in the morning, and it is almost always overcast.

The previous one had a very short folded-under "fish hook" tail. This one, which I've named MoJo, has a 3/4 tail with a definite bend near the end. That bend is quite stiff and inflexible. Another view....

Another example of a tabby with a very similar tail....

As far as I can tell, this genetic abnormality has not caused any problems for these cats. There may be something I don't know about but over the last five years the number of cats with bobtails or 3/4 tails has increased quite a bit. Whereas other oddities like the flop-eared cat remains at just one.

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