Nov 23, 2009

Bicycle Cat - Feral Cat Photo Of The Day

Bicycle Cat Feral Cat  Natural Photo

While I was busy elsewhere, a feral cat decided to investigate my bike. It was too cute to resist but it didn't last long once it say me looking that direction. In a related note, I noticed from the photograph that I'm going to be needing a new wicker basket soon!

I have always promised, no studio shots or set-up poses, and I mean it. But if I were doing a set-up, this would be a good one for this beautiful feral cat. Anyway, don't know too much about Bicycle Cat, other than that it is very curious as you can see. I don't even know if this is a boy or a girl.

Cat and bike basket
Bicycle Cat wonders about the Meaning Of Life

Bicycle Cat wonders about the world.... it seems reasonably healthy and that's saying something since a lot of sickness has been going through the feral colonies lately.

RELATED NEWS: Another sick kitten has been rescued. It will be going to the vet later today. This pretty kitty has a coat similar to Lucy The Cat but with a normal tail. Hopefully, she'll survive and be available for adoption. Keep checking back for new info!


  1. He or she looks like a lovely cat.. I loved that shot and he/she could be posing. Hugs GJ x

  2. Good shots. I hope the rescued kitten improves.


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