Nov 24, 2009

Siamese-type Rescued Feral Kitten - Photo and Story of the Day

Fran The Feral Kitten

This kitten needs a home and a name. For reference purposes, we'll call her Fran for now. This is a kitten who almost wasn't here - through a combination of respiratory infection, anemia and worms. It was almost a sad story....

You see, feral kittens are naturally afraid of people. If you approach, they run away. They only stop running when they get too sick and weak. They stop running when they give up.

It's partly a matter of luck, though, when they give up; whether I will find them weak and sick and try to save them - or whether I find their lifeless little bodies. Such was the case with Fran's little tabby sister. I found her dead one cold morning...

A week later, this kitten had given up, too... but I found her still alive and took her in. Too weak to even meow let alone fight back, she wouldn't even eat - I had to work warm kitten milk into her slowly. Warmed up by the heater, she still was unresponsive. A trip to the vet the next day started to get things turned around.
Slowly, with loving care, medicines, and a shoulder to purr on, she has gradually climbed back to full health. She has a cloudy right eye, though - a badge of her suffering and a reminder of the life that almost wasn't here...
From THIS:
Barely able to hold her head up, unable to eat...

To this...

A bit nervous about being outdoors and having her picture taken, this kitten tells me so in typical Siamese fashion.

Fran now plays again. That's big news for a kitten that was too weak to move only a short while ago. And this feral kitten now loves people!  Only, she needs people of her own...


Name: Fran (for reference purposes) - you, the owner, should name her.

Birthday: September 13, 2009 (approximate)

Identified as a Chocolate Point Siamese/Tabby mix by the vet, this kitten is now a happy, healthy girl who has already forgotten about being feral. She does have a cloudy right-eye, though - a leftover from her near-death experience.
This kitten is box trained and spayed.
Will tolerate car rides and carriers. A talker in the Siamese tradition, she has become very people-friendly and slightly fearful of the outdoors.. will need to be kept inside for the near future.

I can only rescue more feral kittens as others are adopted out to make room.
Location is Oregon coast but will deliver to right within a reasonable distance.
Contact: E-mail form

This kitten is waiting for you....


  1. I am so glad she is doing so well. I hope someone will take a shine to this little girl so another one can maybe get saved. Good going Chriss! You always call me an angel, but you are the same. I guess to these cats we are angels, and I am happy to do it, though I wish the need to did not exist.

  2. Hey Fran (both of you lol) I do so wish I was in the position to help out but, my man is allergic and he does like cats
    Frannie W. You know I think it is a good thing you do so my hat goes off to Chriss as well. It is a good thing I am not single and on an acerage cuz it would be full of all kinds of animals LOL OMG Fran if I ever won a lottery we'd be in trouble !!!! Not to many are as excentric as I am (or you) Not that I know of here in town
    But five stars for u both

  3. What a little beauty she is! She looks very much like my little Tsarina who is also a Siamese Lynx Point mix. I adopted Tsarina (a formerly feral kitten)a couple years ago from Jody of Feral Night Cat Trapper Rescue. Tsarina is a love!

    I'm sorry I can't adopt any kitties for a while as all the neighborhood strays keep showing up at my door and I'm not having any success finding homes for them. (I have several kitties of my own - all indoor kitties already.) It's heartbreakingly sad.

    Bless you Chriss a thousand times for caring and helping these kitties!

    Kindest regards,



  5. I also have a feral lynx point siamese shes a second generation one so she has more tabby markings I got her from the zoo she was wondering around :3 good luck


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