Nov 27, 2009

Portrait of Punk Tom - Feral Cat Photo Of The Day

The fact that the feral tomcat I call Punk never wants to be photographed and runs when he sees me has made me all the more determined to photograph him. Although shy, he now has his official portrait, I think....

Feral Cat Photo, Portrait of Punk the Tom Cat

He almost looks sweet and adorable! Perhaps he is just tired. It's a hard life being a feral cat...

Thank you for stopping by, Punk! I bet you would have been an adorable pet had life given you that opportunity. But you've done the best you could with the hand that life dealt to you. You are one of our favorite feral cats.


  1. He is one lovely cat and yes he would have made a beautiful pet.. LIfe is just not fair.. Hugs GJ x

  2. Punk is such a handsome lad. He could tell many stories I think, many sad and brave stories.

    Thank you for looking out for him.

  3. I think he's quite the handsome boy. It's nice knowing he is being looked after.


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