Nov 5, 2009

Fluffy Orange-Beige-Ginger Kitten - Feral Kitten Photo Of The Day

Big Fluffy Orange Kitten

This is a pretty big fluffy kitten! I call this kitten "big" because it's about twice the size of other kittens its age. It's also very scared of people (some feral cats are worse than others about this) and thus hard to photograph.

Perhaps continuing a line of oversize fluffy-puffy orange/buff/beige cats as the daughter or son of the cat we called "Son of Sick Boy" - and that is probably a good thing because we haven't seen Son of Sick Boy lately. I fear he may have met the same fate as his daddy.

"Better not be watching me!"
So far this kitten has been able to avoid getting seriously ill and if it stays as nervous as it is now, it may be able to stay out of other kinds of trouble, too.


  1. Chriss I am featuring your blog and a photo on my blog today. I love the ginger kitten...I am partial to that color being a redhead.


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