Nov 6, 2009

Lucy The Cat - FORMER Feral Cat Photo Of The Day

Beloved Lucy, Former Feral

This is Lucy The Cat today - a former feral rescued as a kitten. Lucy has the bobtail that is so common in one local feral cat community. As you see her today, Lucy is beautiful, smart, curious - and very people friendly. Once she was feral kitten, abandoned by her mom - she had a rough start to her life and it almost ended much too soon....

One day in June of 2006 while out on a morning feeding session, I heard a kitten crying. At first I couldn't find it and had to give up. I came back about an hour later, though, because I was worried. I finally found this little gooey eyed little kitten under the corner of a barn. There were no other kittens or mother cats around so I cleaned her up and moved her closer to where the other cats were - hoping some mom would take her in. I guess I just didn't want to face bottle feeding yet another kitten; I already had one I had rescued the week before and the idea of taking in another kitten so young felt like too much.

kitten Lucy, tiny rescued feral kitten
Baby Lucy, right after rescue - June, 2006
She cried and cried. No mommy ever showed up so I took her in and bottle-fed her.

feral kitten Lucy bobtail 5 weeks
She was around 4 to 5 weeks old a the time. I named her after Lucille Ball for her coloring.... because the TV show I Love Lucy was mostly in black and white and Lucy the Cat is mostly black and white. I know, it's silly, but that's how I am. She had all the usual problems of feral kittens: fleas, worms, infections... but we got her through it all. I had another kitten I was bottle feeding at the same time so at least each had a friend and they made an adopted litter together.
rescued feral kittens Lucy and Hammie adopted from different litters
Lucy w/adopted "brother" Hammie - at the weaning stage
Right after this photo she got a bath - which she hated of course. We had a few more of those baths before Lucy learned to clean herself.

Lucy proved to be a cat of great intelligence and affection. She is a little bit high strung and gets nervous around strangers but she's always curious, always thinking about things.
Lucy rescued feral cat, half grown with bobtail
Half-grown Lucy the Former Feral Cat
I have a snapshot or two of Lucy at 8 months or so...

Young Lucy
She loves her people but she doesn't exactly want to be a regular house cat. She wants to get out and hunt and explore. This makes me nervous sometimes but I know she gets pretty mental if I don't let her out. I make sure she is in at night, though.

That aside, Lucy is still all-pet and very attached. She often follows me everywhere... and I love her.
Lucy the Christmas Cat, rescued feral cat portrait Christmas tree ornaments
"Lucy The Christmas Cat" - 2007

Lucy is my best cat friend and although I could wish she was more of a homebody for her own safety, she is still a great pet. It just goes to show that feral kittens can grow up to be wonderful pets... if you just give them the chance.

Lucy today, perhaps reminiscing about her former life...


  1. I came from Miss Peaches, she was right.. Lovely pictures.. Pleased to meet you.. Hugs GJ xx

  2. Lucy, you and Zippy have a lot in common...and mom can't make her stop going out either but at least Zippy's agreed to wear a leash. She still manages to leave "gifts" on the back porch even while on a leash! Oh, and she has lots of dog friends in the neighborhood that stop by to say hi while out on their walkies.

  3. Lucy also isn't that thrilled with the whole feral cat and kitten rescue thing! She's a sweet but jealous girl - she doesn't like sharing her mommy. We can all understand that.


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