Nov 9, 2009

Copper-Top Ginger - Feral Cat Photo Of The Day

Ginger Copper-Top

This portrait of a copper-top kitty looks almost noble to me. It's the calmness, perhaps. She is an interesting case because although she was born feral she has little fear of people. I guess she has little fear of anything, really. She was one of the early trapped/and spayed cats in the colony, so that means she's several years old now. I use the term "trapped" loosely because I really just picked her up and put her in a carrier even though she was a feral cat. And yes, I am very sure she was born feral: I saw her grow up from a tiny kitten as part of a litter hidden in a barn.

This is an interesting thing I've seen with one or two other ferals: Even though they are born wild, they simply lack the fear gene, I guess. They don't run away from anything. If I leave my car door open, they will climb inside to investigate. And even go for a ride if I let them.

It happen in humans too, although rare. But it seems to be rare in cats, too. Whatever it is that makes us scared of things - not everyone has it.

Lack of the fear gene creates humans who take ridiculous risks. In the case of cats, it is also dangerous because there are many things out there that can really hurt them.

Nevertheless, that's just how Copper-Top is; you can pet her, hold her, carry her around until she gets tired of it. Whatever. To Copper Top, it's all good.

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  1. That is one beautiful kitty cat.. The face says pet me.. Hugs GJ xx


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