Nov 16, 2009

Gadget The Cat, Orange-Ginger Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Orange-Ginger Gadget

Gadget is the litter-mate of Copper-top, the fear-free feral cat posted a few photos back... they look so similar that I often get them confused: Gadget has just a little less white around her mouth than Coppertop. Like her sister, Gadget seems to be low on the fear quotient, although perhaps a bit more jumpy. But not much. She'll still wander into a car when the door is left open. She'll sit on the seat and ride, too. Odd for a feral cat. Or almost any cat, actually.

Orange tabby cat Gadget with feral black friend
Gadget w/ little black feral friend
The picture above was taken with the big Mamiya C330 6x6 film camera... I need to find a new developer for this film; the last batches turned out pretty crappy. *sigh*

Anyway, Gadget is a little bit chunky, as you can see, because she sleeps a lot, I guess. She's not a very busy cat, that's for sure. She would have made great housecat had circumstances been just a little different.

I admire her laid-back attitude about life. Easy come, easy go worries. She's a Buddha cat.

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