Nov 13, 2009

Wild Thing Punk Tom - Feral Cat Photo Of The Day

The Wild Thing

Once again, I managed to capture the wild-looking feral tom cat I call Punk. He looks so tough! Yet he's scared of just about everything. I probably shouldn't say that, though, as it kind of spoils the illusion he wants to create as a tough feral tom cat. He looks like a little tiger.

We've seen punk before (original photo which is featured the 2010 photo calendar and the giant fine art print edition, plus posts here and here) - he's just a little harder to photograph than your average feral cat because if he sees anyone looking at him, he's gone. But I find him so fascinating and unusual that I can't resist hunting for him - no doubt aggravating Punk further.

Punk is pretty BIG and (I think) a middle-aged feral at this point; no small accomplishment considering all the threats that feral cats face. He's never been caught - too cautious. He seldom even shows up for feedings. Perhaps this is the secret of his survival as much as his attempts to look fierce.

Even with all his attempts to avoid me, I can't help but think that he's adorable.
feral tom cat tabby PUNK portrait cat photo
Portrait of a Feral Tom


  1. Punk is totally gorgeous, what a character. I wonder if he will ever allow himself to be trapped for neutering?


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