Nov 11, 2009

Little Silver Tabby is Curious - Feral Kitten Photo Of the Day

Curious Silver Tabby

This is a very pretty feral kitten... we've seen her/him before, in the duo 'best friends' two feral kittens - I just thought she looked very cute here. Several of the kittens are sick as is common with ferals but this one has escaped illness so far.

I have very mixed feelings regarding images of sick kittens. It's reality but it isn't fun. This is one of those things about which I go back and forth; on the one hand I want to depict feral cats as they are - their real lives. On the other hand, there is more than enough sadness in the world. I know when there is finally a book about these cats, I will have to show the reality of their lives. Here on the blog about the project, I'm much more ambivalent.

I could point out that there is sometimes an upside to sickness. Besides the fact that it is just a reality we have to accept, it also sometimes means that a kitten that would otherwise have stayed wild gets captured, treated and  tamed. Take our little Pesky kitten, for instance - who is still looking for a home of her own. Her near death experience brought her a new life.

As I type this, there is a little ten week old Siamese-type white kitten sleeping on my shoulder. A few days ago she was dying from the usual combination of upper respiratory infections, roundworms and fleas but now she has been to the vet, been wormed and is on antibiotics. She is starting to feel much better and has already forgotten that she was a feral kitten. - People were once monsters to be feared; now they are friends.

It would be wonderful if there were always happy endings.

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