Dec 2, 2009

Curious Cat in B&W, Feral Cat Photo Of the Day

A curious tabby investigates my car. Some feral cats are surprisingly fearless as long as you don't try to grab them..

Curious Tabby Cat

Part of my work in medium format film, this image also captures a tiny bit of my own reflection. I had to take it quick,though! Feral cats wait for no person....

Many of the feral cats in this colony have known me their entire lives so it isn't surprising that some will come very close and even bump into me in order to be noticed. They do have a 'no touching' rule, however, with a few rare exceptions.

Within the feral cat colonies there are also stray cats. "Stray" is a misnomer; it implies cats that just wandered away ("strayed") from home. This really doesn't happen, generally speaking; instead, cats that used to be pets are dumped by people who find it inconvenient to search for an apartment that takes pets ... or they have a new boyfriend/girlfriend who is "allergic to" or just plain doesn't like cats. So the poor kitty is treated like an object instead of a living being and is discarded.

That gives us a more appropriate term: Discarded pets.

Cat on Upturned Wheel Barrow

Many discarded cats don't survive. Some find people to take care of them. Some find their way to the feral colony. And kitties in this colony are lucky at the moment that there is someone to feed them. When I'm gone, I don't know what will happen to them.

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