Dec 4, 2009

Bobtail Tortoise Shell on Roof - Feral Cat Photo Of the Day

This little tortoise shell cat is yet another example of the tiny tail gene in the feral cat colony. She's a little cutie, for sure.

Rooftop Tortoise Shell Cat

In this photo, she is perched atop the "cat condo" I built for shelter and feeding. That project goes back several years.... these days, I try to keep it simpler. In the previous post, I discussed this a bit.

The weather is turning colder but sickness levels among the ferals seems to be abating. We lost several kittens, though. It's sad but it happens every year. More could be saved if there were just homes for them. We'll certainly do what we can to get the rest through the winter.

In the meantime, although it is cold we're at least having some late-fall sun, which makes the kitties happy...

One-Eye Tom suns himself next to my bicycle wheel
So we mostly have happy cats for the moment - and three kitten-survivors that need homes.

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