Dec 6, 2009

Rescued Kitten 3 - Feral Kitten Rescue Photo of the Day

You know I've mentioned that there was yet another kitten that had to be rescued due to severe illness. It's been a long road to recovery, but here he is  ...

Formerly feral kitten is happy to be alive!
For now, I'm calling him Mort - for his near death experience, but he really should be named by a person who calls him their own. You've seen this kitten before... He was part of a larger litter appearing in several photos here.

'Mort" is shown in red circle, before he got so sick

Of the kittens shown in the popular photo above, Mort is one of only two survivors. The other kitten who is still alive is indicated by the light green arrow. Which means that there are no more Panda Cat twins. :(

Mort with surviving litter mate...both sick but still going

Mort, like Fran - who was also recently rescued - had a severe respiratory infection made worse by round worms and fleas that left him anemic and near death. Mort had stopped eating, he had stopped trying to live. That is when I stepped in.

This kitten has pretty much forgotten about feral life. He's shy around strangers but he will love his people. I'm really glad this kitten made it! He's adorable and affectionate. He just needs his own home..
Rescued Feral Kitten "Mort"


Name: Mort (for reference purposes) - you should give this kitten a name you like.

Birthday: September 13, 2009 (approximate)

Young male tabby/white kitten. He has been to Pioneer Vet for his initial kitten work-up, shot, and antibiotics.
He has a slightly-weepy left eye - a leftover from his near death experience.
He is box-trained.
Will tolerate car rides and carriers.
Mort was neutered by Tillamook Veterinary Hospital on April 7, 2010.
Somewhat fearful of strangers and the outdoors. He will need to be kept inside for at least several days until he gets used to you.

I can only rescue more feral kittens as others are adopted out to make room.
Location is Oregon coast but will deliver to right within a reasonable distance.
Contact: E-mail form

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