Dec 28, 2009

The Feral Cat Memorial 2009

For the cats we loved, who left us in 2009....

For beloved pets, there is the heartwarming story of the rainbow bridge. We'd like to think that we will be together with the ones we loved someday. But what bridge is there for the feral cat? They come and go in life - anonymous, homeless and unloved. Well,not entirely: I loved these cats. Some of our readers got to know them, too. I just couldn't give them a home. Please join me, in honoring their memories.


cat photo picture of LoJack a bobtail feral cat

One of the first bobtail cats to be born in the feral colony. LoJack was sick when he was young and had to be cared for. He was almost a pet but no one came forward to adopt him. LoJack Disappeared this fall, probably a victim of coyote predation. He was a sweet boy if a bit of a scaredy cat. We miss him. Rest in peace, LoJack

Ms Thing

Feral tabby cat, Ms Thing, sweet kitty, died 2009

She was another kitty who barely survived kittenhood. Because she received a lot of medical care, she became semi-tame. But nobody adopted her. I found her dead one morning of unknown causes. She was soo sweet. And tiny, too, probably from her long illness as a kitten - she never got very big. Rest in peace, Ms Thing

Willem DeKooning

Cat photo picture of main coon cat mr Willem DeKooning

A beautiful Maine Coon tom cat, Willem was happy-go-lucky and not too bright. But he was adorable. He died after a battle against immune mediated hemolytic anemia. He was approximately 7 years old. We gave him a special burial spot near his favorite tree. Rest in peace, Willem DeKooning.

Son of Sick Boy

Son Of Sick Boy loves to sun himself, he died in 2009

His daddy was a fluffy orange tom we called Sick Boy because of his near-death experience due to cat flu. Sick Boy disappeared (probably due to coyotes) before I started documenting the feral cats but I have pictures of his son.Unfortunately, the coyotes got his son, too. He was a quiet, non-aggressive tom who loved to sleep in the sun. Rest in peace, Son of Sick Boy.

Grandmother Feral Cat

Old feral cat, Grandma, devoted mother - died 2009

Grandma Feral Cat passed away on or about September 24, 2009. Her age was unknown but something over 11 years old. She was a conscientious mother who took care of not only her own babies, but all kittens who needed warmth and protection.
  Grandma, you continued to help raise your grandchildren right to the very end. I hope there is a cat heaven for you, Grandma, you were the best mom a kitten could have.
   She has her own special memorial page, something she earned by her devoted life. I hope you will read it. Rest in peace, Grandma Feral Cat - this is your memorial.

In Remembrance...

There is no explanation that will make it all better. The fact is, you never had a chance at life. If there is a rainbow bridge for the beloved pet, who will be there for you, feral kitten? Who will love you and pet you? I cannot answer... I can only show your image one last time. Please take just a moment of time to remember them as we all saw them....

Remembering the unknown feral kittens, lives ended before they began

Little feral kitten, we hardly knew you. Your time here was so short that you never had a name. We saw you once or twice and then you were gone. We would have liked to have gotten to know you, to give you a name ... to give you a home. But cruel nature never gave us the chance.

There is nothing more to say ...except, I will remember you.


  1. They are loved by their parents, littermates, and children. Fortunately for them it is not just humans who will love and remember them.

  2. Yes, I suppose so, Amanda. This is just a sad thing for me. I try so hard and this just reminds me that whatever I do won't really make much of a difference.

    I wish I could have done better things for these kitties. Especially the poor kittens. I'll get my head back together and be back to normal soon.

  3. sometimes, one has to remember the sad, to remember the happy that keeps us going...

  4. Teri, that is a great comment. Thank you.

  5. I read your post yesterday but could not leave a made my heart hurt with sadness.

    Thank you Chriss for caring and for sharing the stories and photographs of these beautiful cats. I will give each of my many rescued cats an extra hug today and light a candle tonight in rememberance of kitties everywhere.



  6. If they are loved by one person, they are loved.


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