Jan 1, 2010

Fluffy Orange-Beige-Ginger Cat - Feral Cat Photo of the day

Sitting atop one of my home-built shelters, this very fluffy cat looks almost like it has a lion's mane...

Fluffy Buffy

A lot of that fluff is just winter coat, of course, but I also try to keep the local feral cats pretty well-fed. This is certainly a beautiful cat, one that looks like it should be a pet... you can't get near it, though.

Also enjoying a rare spot when the weather isn't horrible - it's Hamster "Hammie" Cat and Tabico. It was a little bit gray out at this point but at least it wasn't raining yet ..or worse...

Hammie and Tabico bobtail feral cat photo

So now we're already back into the stormy weather but I always try to look ahead for better days. For myself, I could enjoy a good storm -- but I worry about the ferals; it's rough for them.

Happy New Year!


  1. What a simply beautiful kitty. should be a loved pet for sure. The other darlings are lovely too. Hope the weather holds for them.. HUgs GJ

  2. Very Cute! I rescue Feral Cats! I used to have two named Loner and Rogue!


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