Jan 2, 2010

Kittens Rescued from Donation Bin (News Item)

Kittens rescued from donation bin are recovering.
The kittens, named Dutchie and Tootsie and thought to be about 5 weeks old, are in good condition after being found in a freezing Planet Aid box on Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester, said league spokeswoman Jennifer Wooliscroft. A Planet Aid worker called Boston Police and the Animal Control after finding the kittens. The boxes are checked every three to four days.


  1. Dreadful sorry for the sweet kittens to have to endure such cold and hunger! Humans can be so cruel!
    Love Misses Peach

  2. Makes you realy hate the humans capable of such cruelty.. I am glad they are doing well now.. Bless them.. Hugs GJ xx


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