Jan 3, 2010

Reemergence of Cow Cat - Feral Cat Photos of the Day

Photos of Cow Cat are rarer than Bigfoot. Sometimes she seems more legend than substance, Cow Cat is seldom seen by her own choice. Finally, with much determination, her image is captured again...
The Reemergence of Cow Cat  #1

I don't know why she is so cautious. Yes, she's a feral cat, but she grew up in a colony where people regularly provided food and care.

She waits for me to leave before she comes to feedings. Capturing her image requires a long telephoto lens, patience and stealth. She is a such a beautiful cat, though, that she's worth it.

The Reemergence of Cow Cat 2

The little black point on her nose makes the perfect accent to this little feral kitty who is all white with black except for her penetrating eyes. Previously captured in posts here (just a kitten) and here, I think the fact that she is so elusive makes me want all the more to capture her.
black and white COW CAT photo
A friend approaches Cow Cat

photo of feral Cow Cat and Siamese cat friend
Feral Friends
I believe the feral friend in this case is the same kitten (now half grown) that appears as a baby in the upper-right corner of our banner and also in this photo and story.

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