Dec 16, 2009

Rare Capture of White Feral Cat - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Seldom seen, even at feedings but a member of the feral cat colony for a few years, this very rare white wild feral is one I've nicknamed Whitey for lack of a better name.

Rare Capture

This feral is basically the only all-white or nearly all-white cat among the ferals. It's also very wild and although I know it eats with the other cats I sedom get a chance to see it. This is the only real portrait I've been able to capture - and even this time I couldn't get it to open it's eyes and and look at me.

Its rough coat is partly the fact that it has its winter attire on, and partly the fact that this particular cat looks very rough all the time. It also looks like it hasn't missed many meals! It's probably a good hunter; although I feed my feral cats VERY WELL for ferals, they don't get fat on it.

IN OTHER NEWS: Mort the kitten will be going to the vet today. He seems to have developed a heel spur and this concerns me. I've never had this happen before. Usually they say it is diet-related (too much calcium) but Mort is eating the same cat food as the other rescue kittens. We'll try to keep you posted on this.

Also, I mentioned that we have another rescue; a cute little tortoise shell that is about 12 weeks old. She was very sick but she is doing better with antibiotics. Special thanks to Dr. Katherine Yackley and the staff of Pioneer Veterinary Hospital for the assistance with ferals on very short notice.

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  1. Thanks for your compassion. All of us human cats and actual cats appreciate it.


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