Dec 18, 2009

Young Tabby Tom - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

A tabby with a regular tail unlike so many of the short/twisted tail tabby cats we've seen in the feral colony recently, this tom is around 1 year old, I think.

Young Tabby Tom

You can see a profile view below....

photo cat young tabby tom cat photo

I built another four room cat shelter last week and he's using one of the spaces. The shelter isn't as impressive as might sound: I've just learned to use junk to make winter shelters for cats. In this case, it's three palettes turned into a hay-lined warming station.

There is also a little tabby kitten that has survived to this point, seen in photos such as "tired dejected kitten" and two of the kittens seen in the photo feral cat mom and 3 kittens have survived. Perhaps tabby cats are making a comeback in the colony.

In other news: the tortoise shell kitten continues to improve and will appear here shortly! Also, Mort the kitten has been pronounced well by the vet and is also doing fine.

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