Jan 22, 2010

Bobtail Tabbyco Kitty- Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Bobtail Tabbyco On Her Throne

The little bobtailed feral cat I sometimes refer to as Tabbyco for her mix of tabby and calico features sits on her "throne" - a metal chair that happens to sit on this farm. She's actually pretty brave for a feral cat: Sometimes she follows me around, curious about what I'm up to. As long as I don't stop and stare at her, she just keeps tagging along. Not bad for a cat that was born wild.

If you poke around, you'll find other pictures of Tabbyco on this blog.


  1. Dear Chriss! I have given your blog an award and hope you might come by and collect it sometime. You desrve it and so much more....I thought about you and the work that you do while we were on holiday in Depoe Bay the end of the year...
    Love Misses Peach

  2. Miss Peach, thank you! That's very nice of you. I can't exactly figure out how to find it.. I clicked on your profile but it seems to be blocked so I'm not sure what to do.

    Thank you, though! Your support is very much appreciated.


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