Jan 19, 2010

Gadget's Headshot, Orange-Ginger - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

A close-up portrait photo of the wonderful semi-feral cat we call Gadget...in HD.

Gadget the feral cat HD headshot photo by Pagani photo
She's an interesting cat we've blogged about before - read her story. She seems to have little natural fear. Even as a tiny feral kitten she would wander from her family and walk right up to people. That's just how she is.


  1. She's just heartwarmingly beautiful isn't she?...sigh...

  2. Thank you, on behalf of Gadget.

    The photo in this post was taken when Gadget was perched atop my work van. So I'm shooting up at her as she peers down upon me. The background is the sky.


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