Mar 30, 2010

Another Hidden Feral Cat - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

A while back, we had an orange cat hiding in the brush for a nap. This one might be even harder to see so you'll need a look at the larger version.
Tortoise shell cat, a feral hidden in the brush

Keeping out my line of sight, or trying too, is a cute little tortoise shell feral cat. She doesn't trust me, or any other humans. And that's probably just as well as a general rule. However, I would like to help her have a better life. And that is something we are going to continue to work on.

Just as an interesting point of genetics, tortoise shell cats are pretty much all females, as many of you know. This makes her a high priority for trapping.

I find it interesting that some of the wariest, most suspicious kitties are the girls. You'd think it would be the boys because they are always having to worry about sneak attacks such but they often seem to blunder into traps without giving it a second thought. The few exceptions of note to this rule are Punk Tom, Whitey and Suspicious Cat.

In general, though, it's the girls who always think I must be up to something and who avoid the traps with great skill, doing things like trying to reach through the bars to scoop up some food by using their paws like a utensils. Very clever. They put lots of thought into avoiding those dreaded humans!


  1. Nice shot! I like it more b/c the cat is hard to see. I hope you can catch her.

  2. Good luck catching her. Paws crossed!


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