Apr 1, 2010

White Cat - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

One of two mostly-white feral cats in the colony, the other large tom is the one I call Whitey. This cat looks male too but I believe it is actually a female.
White Feral Cat
I could be wrong, of course. This cat is much more shy than Whitey. Sitings of Whitey used to be fairly rare until his bout with a respiratory illness. Since then, he has come to appreciate my friendship a little more: I can walk up to him without having him run away.

On the other hand, the kitty shown above keeps her (?) distance.

I was just thinking today how some of the more odd cats in the feral colony could be of interest to breeders trying to develop new and interesting variety of cats. Of course, many of them have been trapped and fixed at this point but there are still some free range oddities out there.

I also think about the fact that many of these cats would have been sweet pets had they been born into different circumstances. I like to imagine a world that isn't cold and indifferent to suffering - one where people actually live up to the ideals for which they provide so much lip service.

Of course, that is just an imaginary world.


  1. Yes, but sometimes it's nice to dream and imagine, isn't it? :)

    Love the subtle markings on this kitty's face...

  2. Some day perhaps...

    But that day is probably very far away....

    She is a very pretty cat. I would guess some Siamese in the background maybe to get those kind of markings.

  3. Beautiful photos and so loved by you.


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