Mar 17, 2010

TV Cat Visits the Cat Condo - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

The famous 'TV Cat' makes an appearance at the cat condo (one of my homebuilt shelters) for a snack.
My daughter Christa gave TV Cat his name several years ago when she commented that he looked like the kind of cat you'd see in a pet food commercial, because of his symmetrical coloring.

A long time ago, TV cat had to be rescued because of a freak accident...

One morning I arrived to find TV Cat hanging upside down by his back foot on the side of a junk car. Somehow, a claw had gotten stuck in the little opening between the driver's door and the front fender. His front feet just barely touched the ground - and only at full stretch. The poor thing was wet and limp from exhaustion, to the point where at first I thought he might be dead... I quickly grabbed a blanket I carry with me and threw it around him so as not to get clawed to death. He immediately sprang to life and started fighting, but I was able to lift his weight just enough to free his foot from the door slit.

I'm sure it was a terrifying ordeal for him.

My guess is that sometime during the previous night he had jumped up on the old car but lost his footing and a claw just happened to slide down the crack between the car door and fender. He fell backward and then had no leverage to pull himself out of the crack. I guess he might have died there if help hadn't arrived.


  1. thank god you were there to help him!! i can't imagine what that night was like as he hung there helpless and vulnerable. poor baby.


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