Mar 19, 2010

Calico in Hiding - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

We've seen her before, really, I just wanted a pretty cat as the gateway to the weekend...
Calico in Hiding
This lovely calico girl is having a good life for a feral cat. She's been spayed and has managed to find a warm place to sleep in some hay. Relatively speaking, life is good.

I'd never want to be a cat because their lives can be so hard but I still often prefer them to people. People can be so cruel and/or arbitrarily nasty. At least cats are honest and even if they are kind of crazy cats, they don't really cause a problem for others. :)

But enough of my ranting.... I was just dealing with some sicko (as we get weird comments / letters from time to time) and it can get to me if I let it. *sigh*


BTW, I redid my commercial art site (somewhat) and I've recently added a few new cat toonz if you're bored, why not check out


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