Mar 20, 2010

Cat Lovers are Smarter (Cat News)

Just as a general rule, cat owners appear to be more intelligent than people who only like dogs, according to a scientific study: Cat lovers brighter than dog lovers.

Individuals, of course, tend to break general rules but I'd also like to add that from my observations, dog lovers are also more like their pets: Pack-oriented, "follow-the-leader," "don't question orders" types -- authoritarians. Cat lovers, on the other hand, tend to be free-thinkers and independent. This is not part of the study linked above; it is just my own empirical observation.

Oh, and I also found some extra cat pictures - a kitty explores the world after a storm: Cat Saturday CATastrophe ...usually, it's this part of the world that is battered by terrible storms but we've been lucky this year. I'm sure our kitties appreciate it!

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  1. I would tend agree with that! (Based on some of my life experiences) :)


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