Mar 22, 2010

Tuxedo Panda Lives! - Feral Cat Photos Of The Day

Part of the Panda Twins, kittens from late last summer. This tuxedo kitten is still with us...
Panda Lives!
I called them the Panda twins because of their coloring and how they would sit together half-upright like little panda bears. Nature is hard, though, and one of the little twins didn't make it due to a respiratory infection that swept through the feral colony. This panda survived, though, and is still with us.

Panda is also sibling to Mort, the tabby tuxedo kitten who almost died but was rescued. Mort is still looking for a home.

Our little tuxedo cat friend is very feral and will run if he even sees the camera lens from a distance. But he's alive and seems well now - and that's the main thing.

In other news, it looks like we will not be taking in 5 additional feral cats from United Paws after all: A couple turned out to be tame and adoptable while three others were taken in by a closer farm. Just as well, I guess, we're pretty over-catted with feral cats from 3 farms as it is. It would have been interesting to have some new cats to photograph, though.


  1. I enjoy your daily blogs, even though I don't always comment. This black and white cat is very beautiful. I'm glad he survived.

  2. beautiful kitten. i love black & white cats. you take awesome photos!

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