Mar 23, 2010

Hamster Cat & Frankie - Feral Cat Photos of the Day

Bobtail Hamster T Cat aka Hammie eyes Frankie blue eyes Sinatra in this brief encounter. I think Frankie is just trying to look tough...
Hamster The Cat & Frankie
But Hammie just moved on, no need for trouble here among rescued feral cats. Hammie, like Frankie, required rescue when very young so they could have been someone's pet if a home had been available. They are shy and suspicious of strangers but are otherwise tame. Hammie's bobcat-like appearance is just adorable and Frankie is a major talker!

Hammie didn't look so tough when he was a baby...
Kitten photo little baby Hamster Hammie Cat looks at us, wondering

That's how he got the name - he kind of looked like al little hamster with his bobtail. Mom left him alone for a long long time. When I realized he was alone, I scooped him up! He survived his abandonment and almost-too-late rescue, and has grown up to be a healthy, happy cat. Hammie continues to prowl the brush and field...
Hammie Hamster Cat, the bobtail orange feral prowls the brush

Happy to be alive.

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