Mar 2, 2010

Unhappily Trapped - Feral Cat Photos of the Day

These kitties don't want to be here, but they are at the vet now. It's for their own good but I know they don't appreciate it.
feral tabby cat in live trap, ready to go to the vet - very angry about, too
These kitties are the guests of United Paws ...

target striped moggie in a live trap to go to the vet

They weren't really the cats I wanted to catch but the three girls have been avoiding traps and my net with great success. That means there will be more feral kittens. It isn't as though I haven't tried, though.

With traps, you catch what you catch and these days it's mostly cats that are already fixed plus the occasional unfixed boy. I'd rather catch the girls.  Netting is something I've practiced for a while but with a throw-net you need your target cat to be out in the clear. If the cat is under something, you're stuck: I can throw accurately but I cannot change the laws of physics. :) 

I'll keep working on catching the ones that really need to be caught.


  1. I support the feral cat rescue here as well. I so want their story to be successful as much as it is possible for great volunteers as you are, who help.

  2. Thank you, Admiral. I keep nibbling away at the edges of the problem. :) I take care of LOT of cats and sometimes it seems endless.

  3. Thanks for your great work, and for looking after so many kitties.


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