Apr 30, 2010

Coppertop Close, Feral Cat Photos of the Day

Coppertop Close 2
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Coppertop may be over-photographed, I don't know. As I've said, she and her sister Gadget seem to lack the fear gene. They've just never been afraid of much of anything. They can be startled, for sure, but then they recover.

A spur of the moment sort of thing.... I had a role of high speed film I wanted to finish off. I decided to lie down on the ground with a wide angle lens and wait. It didn't take long because Coppertop saw me and came to investigate. Had her sister been in the area she would be here too.

I took this series of picture with Canon 35mm SLR, using fast and grainy Fuji PRESS 1600 film. 28mm f/11 - Little did I know that these would be the last pictures I would take with this camera. Something happened and it no longer works. These images of Coppertop are the last of their kind..

Coppertop Close

Such a pretty orange girl. So sweet, too. Although born feral, she could just as easily be a pet.

The final picture below actually comes from my Mamiya c330 medium format camera using Fuji Pro400H 120 film.

Oh, I miss my camera already. Oh well, stuff happens, I guess.

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