May 3, 2010

Fran & Mort At Play, Feral Kitten Photos of the Day

Rescued feral kittens Fran and Mort Playing at the farm

Fran and Mort having a little kitten fun. They're getting toward 8 months old at this time...

kitten boxing match, Fran and Mort when no one sees them
It's all in fun, really. Every kitten loves a game, after all. Just a little slap and tickle ...and chase.

Fran by herself, looking for Mort for more play time
Hey... where did he go?

Soon they will be curled up together, sound asleep. Until the next game...

These photos were part of that last role of Fuji Press 1600 film. The 35mm camera decided it was done after this. BUT, we'll manage. It's cheaper to replace it that to fix sadly. That camera has been with me for over a decade.


  1. good to know they are well enough to have some fun kitty playtime

  2. its so nice to see kitties having fun.. usually ferals are too hungry and scared to relax.. but because you've been feeding this colony you've given them the freedom to enjoy life. bless you!

  3. Thank you. Yes, they are pretty happy (and lucky) all things considered. We want them to stay that way. :)


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