May 4, 2010

The Postman Marries His Cat (Cat News)

Let's be civil about this, shall we? I can think of at least a few jokes here but I will resist the impulse. According to several news sources, a German man has 'married' his cat after he found out she didn't have long to live. He basically hired someone to perform a ceremony since of course this is not a true legal arrangement.

The happy couple dressed appropriately: Mitzscherlich in a wedding suit and top hat and 15-year-old Cecilia in a white dress. They have been together 10 years before this.

"Cecilia is such a trusting creature. We cuddle all the time, and she has always slept in my bed," Uwe Mitzscherlich told the Bild newspaper.

To begin with, I doubted this story since the first mention came from News.Com.AU, a source which I consider to be half a step above the Weekly World News in dubiousness. However, it was followed by the BBC (sourced below) so we'll go with it.

Yes, it's silly. On the other hand, you couldn't ask for a better companion than a kitty. This may be a case of treating a cat too much like a human being but I think many people give cats too little respect, so this helps even the score a little.

Before I decided to post this story, I researched it and looked at many versions to see how it was reported. I found it interesting that American versions of this story went out of their way to come up with nasty comments and innuendo - and I refuse to link to them for that reason alone. I guess there is just something inherently judgmental and disrespectful about American culture these days.

While you could find some angle to make this perverted, I think the more plain meaning here is that this man just loves his cat; she has been his only companion for over ten years and he wanted to make a public statement about it. It might be a weird way to do it, but at heart it's kind of sweet, in my opinion. Your thoughts may differ.

BBC News - German man 'marries' his dying cat
A German man has unofficially married his cat after the animal fell ill and vets told him it might not live much longer, Bild newspaper reports.

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