Apr 6, 2010

Ferals At Cat Condo - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Candid cats, assorted cats around the cat condo - they don't know that their picture is being taken...
Candid cats, photo of feral cats at cat condo
We recognize Hammie on the main deck and Shemp at the corner. Also, Cow cat peers out from behind a nearby tire. The bobtail tortie is the late Lowjack's sister.

This "cat condo" was the first combination feeding/shelter station I ever built. It's several years old now and the paint has worn off. It's still standing and still getting used, though.

Lately, we've been having terrible weather and I haven't been able to take photos very often - nor have I been doing any trapping. I'm going to work on that, though. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed.


  1. these cats look terrific and so healthy under your care. you're doing great!!


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