Apr 5, 2010

Tortoise Shell Xiu - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Xiu is a tortoise shell, or tortie, a beautiful kitten who was rescued at 8 to 10 weeks old.
Rescued Tortie Kitten Xiu
Because she was in that delicate age range, she is rather fearful of strangers but very loving once she gets to know you. She seems like a very smart kitty. And, of course, she is beautiful.

The name Xiu is the pinyin spelling of the Mandarin Chinese word for beautiful, or elegant. She's both. It is pronounced, approximately, as Shyoh. Or, if you prefer, SHOW, with a little yee in the middle.
tortoise shell kitten for adoption, Xiu

We've seen her before in this blog and told her rescue story. It would be really nice if she could find a loving home of her own. She would definitely have to be confined for a while until she gets to know you, but she would make a great pet.
tortie Xiu the rescued feral, full of sass and attitude

If someone doesn't adopt her, then she is stuck here with me. I try to take good care of the rescued kitties but it is nothing like having a home of one's own.


Name: Xiu (for reference purposes) - you should give this kitten a name you like.

Birthday: September 13, 2009 (approximate)

Tortoise Shell calico or tortie, female.
She has been spayed.
She is box-trained.
She doesn't like being put in a carrier.
Somewhat fearful of strangers. She will need to be kept indoors securely for an extended period until she bonds with her new owners.

I can only rescue more feral kittens as others are adopted out to make room.
Location is Oregon coast but will deliver to right within a reasonable distance.
Contact: E-mail form


  1. I wish I could adopt her. I love torties and have none in my current collection. Something tells me that I had better resist, though....

  2. what a beautiful girl. i've never seen such a greyish tortie before.. in malaysia they are all orange and black.


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