Apr 19, 2010

Mother And Son, Feral Cat Photos of the Day

Feral cats, the foreground tabby is actually the mother. Next to her, as her constant companion, is her son.
Mother and Son feral cats
She only got to have one litter before she was fixed and her son is the only survivor from that litter. To me, it's really sweet that they stick together in everything; wherever you find one, you'll find the other.
inseparable feral cats, mother and son tabbies
Day or night, they're side by side. Clearly they love each other. Once a baby that needed its mother...
Little tabby kitten, lone survivor
May, 2006

 And now mom's best friend in the world....

Affection, a feral tabby cat mother and her adult son

As Bob Ross always said, "Everyone needs a friend." I'm glad these two have each other. I'm always happy to see them.
The good tabby mother
The Good Mother


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