Apr 18, 2010

Torbie Calico Tabby - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

feral cat, part calico, part tabby - sometimes called a torbie, I named her Tabbyco
Kind of evenly divided between calico color and tabby, this little "torbie" is extremely bright and clever: Smart enough to know how close she can get to me, clever enough to stay out of traps. I've been calling her "Tabby-co" ... she also has a bob tail and a personality that reminds me a lot of Lucy. Her coloring comes from the original mom cat of the colony, the original torbie, the late Grandma Feral (although she had little white). I just wish I could catch her.

calico tabby feral cat in her natural environment
Bright, curious, skeptical of people, Tabby-co is confident and self-reliant to the max. And maybe someday I will catch her...
Tabby-co feral cat looks skeptical

..But not if she can help it!

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  1. see rement of my cat that i love her named kitty rip


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