Apr 9, 2010

Silver Tabby Portrait Story - Feral Cat Photos of the day.

One of the cutest of last fall's kittens, and the subject of a few photos, this is Silver Tabby's portrait headshot...
Silver Tabby Kitten Close-up
Little Silver Tabby has had a rough beginning to life; lots of respiratory problems and such. But it has always been too feral to catch. Yet Silver is one of the most beautiful kittens in the colony, so how can I resist?
Portrait of a silver tabby feral kitten
 I worry about Silver. Many of the feral cats have struggled with respiratory ailments over the winter and some have not survived. I'm glad Silver Tabby is still with us, but it still seems...well, not quite well.  I can't get close, though: these photographs were taken with a 300 mm and 400mm lens.
silver tabby kitten sitting, looking at us, full body photo
 Above is a full-body shot at 200mm so you can appreciate the beauty of this little feral. This kitty is not very aggressive at feedings and sometimes hangs back too much, so I always try to make sure it gets some special food tossed its way, right under its nose. I think this helps keep Silver going.

Silver doesn't have a lot of energy - between the fleas and probably worms and the respiratory ailments, life is hard. We remember Silver as the pretty bigger cat of the photo/poster "Best Friends" and also  younger ...and even younger. I find when I follow them from kittenhood, it is even harder to see them suffer. It's never easy, of course, but they kind of become as familiar as pets in my mind even though I can't get close to them.

At least Silver Tabby is still here, and we can't say that for many others.

Silver tabby kitten resting, eyes closed, tired
Rest for now, Silver Tabby.  We're glad you are still with us and we will continue to watch over you.


  1. I like this little commentary on this beautiful silver tabby cat.

  2. WOW! look at those GORGEOUS eyes. i am blown away by this kitty's stunning beauty.

  3. I have a silver tabby in my neiborhood as well; he likes to hang around my house. He looks the exact same as Silver, except his eyes are silver and he has scars and healing gashes everywhere (boo for cat fights) and is rather large (not fat, just....BIG). Being quite insane (yowling at random moments, and stumbling all over the place), we just call him mad hatter cat.

    Minus that random segment^
    Thanks for taking pictures, my sister and I have been trying to identify our mad hatter's species, so finding these pictures really helped. :]


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