Apr 8, 2010

Tractor Cats - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

Lounging cats, a privilege for the farm cats that are cared-for...
tractor cats, feral farm cats

The tabby above is, I think, one of the kittens that appeared in the famous Mother Cat photo, which also appears in the header graphic of this site. The tortoise shell kitty is not Xiu but another tortie.

Meanwhile, Mort is back from his trip to the vet - and confined for a bit. He didn't react well to the anesthetic (actually more likely an additional drug administered) and so he has been extra uncoordinated and has a droopy inner eyelid that the vet says will be better soon.

I worry about over-medication of cats. We know what happens when humans get too much anesthesia but I think that there is less caution with animals. I could be wrong about that and mostly they are just fine - but sometimes I see cats come back from surgery and they aren't the same.

Mort is the first one in a while to have a problem and I don't want to overstate the issue; he's already perking up and although his left inner eyelid is drooping still, I expect he will be better in a day or two. I just wish things had gone more smoothly.

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