Apr 27, 2010

Tell Walmart to End Their Cat-Killing Ways (Cat News)

This story begins at consumerist, where someone by accident discovered that a Florida Walmart had an active feral cat-killing program. They were hiring trappers to catch, remove and kill feral cats. It doesn't end there, though. It doesn't take much thought to realize that super mega giant corporate Walmart wants to get rid of feral cats wherever they find them - they would rather their customers didn't know about this, though.

Do you know whether your local Walmart is killing cats? Based on the information we have, it seems entirely possible that they ARE - if there is a feral cat colony in the area. But we can do something about it.

If you patronize your local Walmart you might ask to speak to a manager. Tell them you read about a Walmart in Florida that was paying someone to trap and kill cats and you would like assurances that the store you go to would never do that. If his/her store is killing cats, he/she'll probably lie about it - but if people start asking questions like this he/she may have second thoughts about such things.

In the bigger picture, the person in the article has started at the right place: Writing letters. We will need to embarrass Walmart into ending their cat-killing programs all across the country.  Start by reading the article.

I Wrote This Letter To Stop Walmart From Killing Cats


  1. How horrifying! My Kenya (male Siamese) was living in a Walmart colony and was trapped by a kind woman who took him to the Humane Soc. where we found him 10 days later.

  2. omg can they do that? just kill cats because they feel like it? sounds like malaysia.. but in the states there are laws against animal cruelty right?

  3. Well, they shouldn't be able to, that's for sure. It's in a gray area that we seem to have about animals: If your neighbor deliberately kills your cat, he can be arrested. If Walmart has them trapped and "euthanized" then it's okay.

    Killing is killing.


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