Apr 26, 2010

Tuxedo Junction - Feral Cat Photos of the Day

Tuxedo Panda
The tuxedo feral kitten I call Panda is the littermate of Mort - the two survivors of a large litter. Both Panda and Mort were very ill at one time but they've both recovered. And of course we've seen Panda before throughout its young life, but this post - by popular demand - is a tribute to the black and white kitties we lovingly call tuxedo cats.

Panda the tuxedo kitten in profile

The oldest tuxedo in the feral colony today is probably Shemp, son of the original Gray Cat.
Shemp the tuxedo cat, black and white kitty profile in bright sun

Shemp, above, is showing some brown in this picture due to the fact that he's in bright sunlight. In any other lighting he looks pure black & white. I think Shemp is about 8 years old - and that is pretty old for a feral cat! If you poke around on this photoblog you'll find more pictures of Shemp. In fact, somewhere back in the posts a ways there is a closeup of his cute face showing his rather bulbous Carl Malden-like nose.

We have more, too....

Hiding Tuxedo Cat called Cover Cat
 Cover Cat
We don't want to forget the tuxedo tom featured on the cover of our 2010 calendar, of course! He's a handsome cat and we don't see him too often.

young tuxedo cat Cover Cat with the late shaggy feral cat Son of Sick Boy
An early picture of Cover Cat, with the late Son of Sick Boy

A similar looking cat makes a rare appearance; we haven't gotten to know him well enough to give him a name. You'd almost think he was Cover Cat but if you look closely you can find the differences.
anonymous tuxedo cat, a feral tom cat

And last but certainly not least (nor the only other tuxedo in the colony) who can forget the mother of Mort and Panda:

tuxedo cat with funny mustache called X-Ray Hitler
X-Ray Hitler

By the way, Tuxedo Cat is a searchable take on this photo blog. Have fun!


  1. i have a Tuxedo cat her name is Oreo of corseeeeee but i love her sooo much

  2. you said shemp was 8 years old, but my cat (called puss puss) is between 13 - 15 years old, but she has chought 20 of the house next-door's rat this yeaar lol


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