Apr 11, 2010

Whitey Gets A Drink - Feral Cat Photo of the Day

White Feral cat candid photo, getting a drink of water

The mostly white feral cat I call Whitey is back again. Although he's recovered from his severe respiratory illness of a couple of months ago, I suspect he still doesn't feel well. I'm not sure why and with feral cats you can't really do a lot for them unless you happen to live-trap them.

Whitey has always been too suspicious to step inside a trap. It's a good survival instinct for a feral, but it also means it's difficult to help him.


  1. You're right. He does not look well. His fur is not a sleek shiny coat and he generally looks unwell.

    It is funny how some cats will not let themselves be trapped. I am running into that problem lately myself.

  2. oh poor baby.. his coat does look a little strange.. normally cats are so fastidious with their coats that not a single hair would be out of place. they only neglect that if they don't feel too hot right? poor kitty.. if he can't be trapped, can his delicate immune system be beefed up with vitamins? hidden in his food maybe? i dunno :(

  3. That's a thought.. He's a difficult little guy; he doesn't usually even eat when I'm around. He waits until he thinks I'm gone to scrounge around.

    He's pretty fat, though, so he must be keeping himself fed! I'm encouraged by his bulk, really. Maybe his coat looks that way because it's winter fluff, I don't know.


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